A Moment's Grace

By Maureen Cardoso

I want to share with you the exact moment in my life when I received my first drop of the Father's Divine Love into my soul.

Some eleven months had passed where I prayed to the Father for His glorious Love to bless my soul, through offering The Prayer daily. During these times, in silence and hope, I had never felt deliverance, until one beautiful and perfect Saturday afternoon.

My dear husband and I were on a weekend get-away to a beautiful Bed and Breakfast just outside our picturesque city. After settling in and enjoying a quiet dinner together we returned to our home for the weekend. I had been drawn to Volume One of True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus  more strongly in the past days. As I lay on the bed in a room of beauty and history to this area, I found myself peaceful and sure. I began to read The Prayer on page 40 in Volume One.  As I finished the last sentence and placed the book down on my body, my hands placed on my chest, overwhelming warmth vibrated in my chest causing a magnitude of glory within my soul. Instantly, I understood what was happening and as my soul filled with the Father's Divine Love, a smile came upon my face, knowing deep inside that I was closer to God at that moment than ever before. The palms of my hands were magnetic to my chest while receiving this gift. I floated in this wash of Divine Love, and undenying faith was mine. A New Birth had occurred, my first receipt of the Father's most good and perfect Gift had been delivered to my soul, a truth that is promised to each and every one of God's children if only they seek, with earnest aspiration. My soul had been awakened at that moment of grace. Over the remainder of our weekend, the yearning to obtain more and more of His Love was most prevalent and as I sought time to pray, the glory of His Love was delivered to my soul.

I have wondered what was different about this particular time in my prayer for the obtainment of the Father's Divine Love. As I shared my story with a helpful Minister serving the Church of the New Birth, she so wisely assured me I had progressed in my prayer from an intellectual longing of the mind to one that is a sincere longing from the soul. My aspirations for His Love have transformed and continue to transform, my soul into the very essence of Himself, as I am one object of His great Soul's Love and tenderest care.

I continue, in prayer, to radiate a glowing warmth as the Holy Spirit, the messenger of God's Divine Love, delivers this Great Love into my soul in wondrous abundance from the Father, our Loving and Merciful Father.

May each of your souls be filled with an overflowing abundance of our Loving Father's Divine Love, causing "such faith as to realize that we are truly Thy children and one with Thee in very substance and not in image only."


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