The Healing Prayer

The Healing Prayer


Heavenly Father, we are assembled here today in Thy Foundation Church of the New Birth in the sublime knowledge that Thou art our Heavenly Father, the Creator of our human souls, and that we, the living testimony of Thy Handiwork, are Thy children--Thy children not because of any supposed resemblance in form or appearance, as some churches and individuals now erroneously believe, but because Thou made us in Thy Great Soul's image.

Heavenly Father, we recognize that Thy purpose in creating our human souls is to give us, Thy children, the opportunity of living with Thee in Thy mansions of Immortal Life as Divine souls filled with Thy Divine Love, which, when absorbed to a certain extent into the human soul, changes that soul from Thy image into the very Essence and Substance of Thy Being--yes, Thy Divine Love which is both Thyself and the Greatest Attribute which emanates from Thy Great Soul.

Heavenly Father, we understand that our incarnation derives from Thy Will that we achieve individuality as to material form as the manifest and visible abode of our personality; that such individuality in the flesh provides that unique basis for life in the Spirit World, and that with the divesting of the flesh at our so-called passing, we manifest that spirit body which abides in the Spirit World as the sublimation of the corporeal form, alive as to all our spiritual facilities and cognizant of ourselves as real living persons in the New World of Spirit Life, under Thy most loving Care and Solicitude.

Heavenly Father, we recognize that our material frames, culled from physical elements of the universe, are subject to Thy immutable Laws that govern material substance and matter, and that thus our bodies in the flesh are obedient to Thy Principles of growth and change which operate upon us; and we humbly thank Thee for the great gift of our soul creation, and our lives in the flesh as the prior means of our achieving eternal life with Thee as Thy children in Thy Great Universe of Spirits.

Heavenly Father, we seek Thee today in earnest prayer that our days on earth be filled with such thoughts and deeds as give evidence of Thy Great Love and Goodness and that we may be therefore strengthened by Thy Power of Life to lead lives of usefulness, of service to others, of love and kindness and mercy, whereby men may be led through our example of Thy Love to knowledge of Thee, as Jesus, Thy Messiah, sought to bring Love and Peace among our brothers and establish Thy Kingdom here on earth as it is in Thy Celestial Mansions.

Heavenly Father, we seek Thee in earnest prayer, that, as our souls ascend in Thy Love and Mercy to a plane above and beyond that of the material and the fleshly, and achieve an at-onement with Thee in Soul Essence, that the spirit healers of Thy Heavenly Host make contact with us, through the agency of our healer present with us here, in Thy Church of the New Birth, and that through him, as through Jesus, there be transmitted to us those spiritual powers of healing and health to administer to us in our needs, in Thy Great Love and Mercy.

Heavenly Father, fortify this day our mortal frames for Thy greater service; strengthen and preserve our sinews and our flesh; protect us from those organisms that abound on earth which assail and destroy our bodies with disease and pain; refresh us with the vigor of Thy restoration; make whole our bones and muscles; restore our aching limbs; repair and cure our hearts and hands; and in Thy Great Love and Compassion for Thy children, reestablish us in fitness and in soundness of flesh, and give us a New Birth of health in body as we humbly seek Thy Divine Love for the salvation of our souls unto Eternal Life with Thee. Amen.



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