My Feelings About God's Greatest Gift


by Judy Bea Kucinskas

Observe, if you will, the many flowers in the open fields and look at them closely. Notice that no two flowers are exactly alike: the same with you. The Heavenly Father made no two souls exactly alike. Do you know how very precious you are as a person and as a child of God? Why, even the largest and rarest gem is very dull compared to your soul as it sparkles and glows when you are filled with the Father's Divine Love.

When praying in sincere earnestness for more of the Father's Divine Love, do you feel at times your soul reaching out in prayer for more Divine Love, and afterwards dance with joy? Do you feel your lips part in a broad smile of tenderness with love sparkling in your eyes when speaking of your love to the Father? Do you feel engulfment of warm glow?

Yes, you can feel like a new person; you can feel the negativity that was yours slowly, without you realizing it at first, slip away, and compassion, love and understanding toward others take hold.

I recently acquired a four-week-old kitten and I am trying to teach her the things she can or should not do in order that she will be a good cat when she grows up. And the kitten at times gets confused until she figures out what it is that she should do. Well, I see a parallel here, in a way. We, as children of God are like this kitten in a sense of trying to learn good habits, and with patience, guidance and understanding from our unseen teachers, we will figure out the correct way and work for a greater understanding on our way back to the loving Father, who is very happy when His children turn to Him for help and guidance on their way home-the Celestial Heavens.

Now is the time we should strive to learn the spiritual truths and pray with all our soul's longings for the Father's Divine Love to enter into our souls. We should not put off what is now available to us through books, willing teachers on both sides, mortal and spiritual, and most of all, that our Elder Brother Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens, has come to earth to teach again of the Father's Divine truths through his disciples on earth, by way of automatic writings and through mediumship.

We are privileged in these times to learn of the Father's truths while we are still mortals in order to have a place prepared for us when our time has come to shed our mortal coat and go on that road to our true home that will be ours when we reach the Celestial Heavens and know that immortality is ours when we step through that gate of complete transformation.

Yes, dear sisters and brothers, that task is ours, to learn and grow spiritually and when spiritually ready, to share what we know with others so as to help them grow spiritually so they will eventually realize their goal and in turn help others.

I, too, have learned some spiritual truths and hunger to learn more. It is through these Divine truths that I am set free from the earth chains. I can feed my hungry soul by learning Divine truths and praying for my Father's Love. My soul longs for and strives to go to my loving Father. Yes, indeed, a way has truly been provided for us through the teachings of Jesus our Elder Brother.

Songs and tears of joy fill my heart at the realization of what is waiting for us if we but reach out in earnestness to our sisters and brothers. The Celestial Angelics are very anxious for us to wake up and start growing spiritually, for they are waiting to help us on that spiritual path to the Father. We are lucky to have such wonderfully patient Celestial friends who are willing to do the Father's will and help His children on their way to the Celestial Heavens.

Dear children of my Heavenly Father, try with all your heart and soul to get closer to the Father when you pray for abundant Divine Love to come into your soul. And keep on praying until you are brought to your knees as a result of praying, and tears flood down your cheeks, and your heart feels like it's going to explode upon receiving so much Divine Love that you want to sing praise songs to God.

Keep on praying, and soon you will be lifted up from under the negativity and brought out more into the Light of Love so your soul will be free to express itself in thanking its Creator, our Heavenly Father, God of Love and Mercy.

Dear friends, you don't know how it has been a joy for me to finally express my feelings in a way that I hope will spark a flame in your heart to start waking up and reaching out on that spiritual path to the Loving Father. Surrender yourself totally to the Father in your thoughts and action, and your life will go a lot smoother.


God of Love, teach us in Your Love
How to truly live;
Let us know You love us, too,
And that we are a part of You.
Someday may man realize
That all the earth, sea and sky
Belong to God, Who made us all;
And in the Father's Holy Sight,
Peace on Earth cannot be found
Until we meet on common ground
And every man becomes a Brother
Who worships God and loves each other.

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