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Our leader, Jesus of Nazareth, Master of the Celestial Heavens, in one of his writings through Mr. James E. Padgett, wrote that in his healing of the sick and the blind, and others of earth who needed a cure, when he said, "As your faith, so be it unto you," he meant that they must believe the Father had power to bring about the cure. He did not mean that if their minds merely had the belief that he might cure them, that then they would be cured. BELIEF WAS NOT SUFFICIENT OF ITSELF, BECAUSE FAITH WAS REQUIRED.

In New Testament Revelation number 19, Jesus wrote as follows through Dr. Daniel G. Samuels: "Healing can be effected as a result of rapport between the ailing person and the spirit healer; for, when rapport has been thus established, the spirit can work directly upon the sick person without an intervening healer being required to accomplish the healing.

"The sick person, however, through faith and prayer, must lift himself above the earth plane and attain a spiritual condition on a level which is free of earth bound spirits, and make possible the contact between the spirit healer and the patient. In spiritual healing of this nature, the patient actually raises himself to a spiritual plane higher than the one in which he lives, and comes into rapport with spirit healers. The Divine Love is not necessary for this healing, for many of these spiritual healers are devoid of it, but although they are on a high moral and spiritual plane, it is difficult for them to contact mortals who have not been able, through lack of faith and prayers, to arise out of their earth plane condition to establish the rapport with the spirit healers. This is accomplished through a soul operation and is not a mere mental operation that does not come from the heart. That is why the usual genuine mediums of the earth plane, who have no faith or understanding of this law, can do no more than to attract undeveloped earth plane spirits who have no healing powers.

"Again, the patient may be healed through a doctor or a healer whose state of soul is such that he can attract spirit healers, yet the mortal healers can do little or nothing unless the positive faith of the sick man has raised him above the earth condition I have mentioned, so that the spirit healer can make rapport with him.

"When the rapport is made, the therapeutic forces and energies from the spirit world can operate through the mortal doctor or healer and by their transmitting these forces and energies through him into the ailing person can become the means by which the spirit healing is brought about. The spirit healing is actually a therapy or therapeutic treatment which is transmitted from the spirit healers to the patient and acts upon the diseasesd organs to restore them, but the transmittal is made possible only through faith, which acts as a conductor of these healing forces and energies.

"Thus you see that faith that God will help and heal will not only set in motion these healing forces and energies of the spirit world, if God so wills it, but puts the patient into the condition which will allow these healers to do their work, either directly or through the intermediary of a mortal who by his own spiritual condition may attract them. Faith is the reality which permits the healer and the sick person to make contact with the spiritual forces. That is why I was able to heal many sinners because of their faith in my healing powers, and not heal righteous persons who had no faith. He who has faith creates a condition whereby evil spirits, who intensify or cause the distress to persist, are separated from their control and contact with the patient, so that the spirit healers can make the rapport and operate.

"Those who have no faith, and who therefore die as a result of the delay, have died not because of any injustice or lack of mercy or loving kindness on the part of the Father, but because their own lack of faith in His ability to help and heal prevented Him from accomplishing the ministry which He so lovingly entrusted to His ministering angels."


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