When Divine Love Came Into My Life


by Rev. R. Eileen May

YOU MIGHT BE INTERESTED in the healing I have received. It has been remarkable. About 20 years ago, I was found to have a rather well developed cancer problem and had immediate surgery for it. In the course of the procedure, I received transfusions that gave me a deep brucellosis problem, and also received damage to other organs that precluded normal functions of elimination.

The high fevers of the brucellosis triggered rheumatoid arthritis, and the combination of problems made it impossible to have any elective surgery to try to correct the damage that had occurred. To add insult to injury, I developed a pancreatic adenoma that added functional hypoglycemia to the list, and I was sort of a mess!

In 1973, I had to go to Cincinnati to help my daughter with a terribly sick son, and when I returned home I had a book waiting--a book I hadn't ordered and really didn't want. I opened the package and found it was by Jess Stern, and amazingly enough, it was only $2.50. Thinking it would take more energy to return it than $2.50 was worth, I reluctantly started to read. In it was a chapter devoted to the writings of Mr. Padgett, with a great many quotes from some of the messages from Jesus. There was also included the mailing address of the Church of the New Birth in Washington, D.C., and I was so excited I immediately sent a request for a list of available books.

Rev. Gibson answered my letter with one of the volumes and that is how I began my studies. I needed about a year for it to sink in that I, too, could pray for and receive the Divine Love I so avidly read about! During this time I had no thought of seeking healing; my problems continued, and the only bright spot in my day was my studies.

In the Spring of 1975, extremely ill, I cried to our Father for help. I received such beautiful help! The very next day, for the first time in 15 years, my digestive processes were completely normal. I can't describe my gratitude for that instantaneous healing, and more was to become evident.

In a short while, I became aware of the absence of brucellosis symptoms. Still later, I noticed my hair was being replaced with entire new growth, and my tissue paper fingernails were becoming strong and normal. Kidney function became normal, and I was gradually losing the need for a great many varied medications. A gastric lesion healed within a very short time and I was finding that I felt GOOD, really good, and developing more energy with each passing day. The latest correction has been to have normal thyroid, after having been hypothyroid since my teens.

The arthritis is the only remaining problem, although I have received great help in this area, too. Major problems were developing in the lower spine and hips that made walking a torture, but through the Grace of God's blessed healing I received instantaneous healing for that, and all that remains is minor. The hypoglycemia also seems to be gone.

When the problems first started, for the next couple of years I was in and out of the hospital so much that we were placed in dire circumstances. The medical insurance was exhausted, our small savings were depleted and we were reduced to accepting some charity for about $1,000.00 of medical bills. Several doctors either donated their services or deferred billing; one waited a full year, bless his heart. It was awful. We made do, but there were times when it was choose between prescriptions or groceries, and finally I was sent to UCLA as a teaching case in order to receive treatment at reduced rates.

We just sort of made it one day at a time, and it was slow to get back on our feet. We had managed to equalize the struggle, and were beginning to gain a little when I came upon the Truths and began my seeking of the Love.

I have given you this background so you can appreciate the guidance that followed. My husband was a mechanic receiving ordinary wages for that sort of work, and with no extra income of any sort. Our home is small, and we had a mortgage balance of about $8,000 when I began receiving guidance.

With no change in finances, somehow I was able to start sending extra money on the loan, and in two years that full amount was cleared and paid in full, just two months before my husband retired. That enabled us to be able to do quite nicely on his Social Security, as there were no house payments to worry about.

That same guidance has continued all this time, and has enabled us to live free of money worries. One would not ordinarily expect such material responses, yet it all seemed to be a natural part of the healing I was receiving, and it seemed a natural thing that it would be extended into this area, as a requirement to total well being. Nothing starry-eyed or visionary, just down-to-earth needs being met.

Each instance of healing, whether it be for something dramatic or commonplace, is a valid demonstration of our Father's tender love and care.

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