Friends of Mr. James E. Padgett

Excerpts quoted from Volumes I-IV of

[Mr. Padgett gave one evening each week to allow the dark and suffering spirits to write (some of whom were old friends and business associates). He then enabled them to visualize the bright spirits, who helped them in their progress.]

-Edwin Forrest
I merely want to say that I am progressing, and am out of my darkness and in the light of Love, for I have been praying since you last heard from me, and have had the prayers of many of the bright spirits ascending to the Father for me. (Vol. III, p. 396)

Later ...
Well, Ned, excuse me for intruding just now, but I am so happy that I cannot refrain from telling you of my happiness, for I know that you will rejoice with me. I am now out of my darkness and the Love of the Father is working in my soul, so that I feel as some of your earth poets have said, "as light as air," and if you could only see the air in which I now am you would more deeply understand what the expression means in my case.

I am now so certain that this Love is a thing of reality, and so effective to make a dark, suffering spirit one of light and freedom from pain, that I can assert with all the conviction of a rescued soul, that the Love of the Father is the one thing in all the spirit world that has no uncertainty about it. (Vol. IV, p. 371)

Oh, Padgett, I tell you that in all the wide universe of God there is nothing to compare to this Love of the Father. Let me say, that in all my life, when only my intellect ruled me, there was nothing to compare with that which came to me with the inflowing of the Love.

I tell you, that while knowledge of all God's laws and nature's apparent mysteries is desirable, yet, a knowledge of this Love of God is far and above compare; and not only more necessary but more desirable. I would not give the feelings that come to me from the possession of this Love, for all the sensations of delight that might arise from the discovery of the most stupendous and important law of the workings of nature.  (Vol. II, p. 12)

-Ross Perry
I am very weak, but I must tell you that I am feeling better, for now I do not believe that I am doomed for all eternity to the damnation of darkness and suffering and when I think back that but for you and the loving spirits that you brought to me, I would be without hope, my heart is so filled with gratitude that it seems as if it must break asunder.

Since I last wrote you, I have been praying to the Father with all the longing of my soul for an incrrease of His Love and realize that it has come into my soul in greater abundance and I am correspondingly happy. (Vol. III, pp. 394 & 402) 

They further explained to me the nature and power of the Divine Love and its great developing potentialities and the absolute necessity of its entering into and possessing the soul, in order for it to make its greatest progress. That as this Divine Love became more and more a part of the soul's possessions, the soul took on itself the Divine Nature of the Father, and all these things which had a lodgment therein, and which tended to make it dark and sinful disappeared, and as these things disappeared, the soul mounted to higher spheres, and became happier and more beautiful, and the spiritual body correspondingly manifested this happiness and beauty...

Well, I continued to pray for this Love, and after a while, I felt a sensation which I had never felt before, within my soul, and as I prayed this feeling increased, and faith in a small degree came to me, and I realized that there was a Love possessing me that was never with me before. I continued thus to seek and pray until at last this Great Love came to me in great abundance, flooding as it were, my whole soul, and happiness unspeakable came to me and, as these friends said, light and beauty also. (Vol. I, pp. 168-169)

-Frank D. Syrick
...As I continued to pray, for you must understand that I had been praying ever since I commenced to suffer, all of a sudden a feeling of peace came to me and with it a great love that I had never felt before, and I realized that it was the Father's Love that my Rose and the others had been telling me of; and since then my sufferings have been growing less and less, and my prayers and faith more and more. Oh, how I regret that in my earth life I had not sought this Love. How much suffering I would have avoided and how much more happiness would have been mine. (Vol. IV, p. 242).

-Hugh Taggart
...George, I have seen the effect of this prayer on some spirits and I know that they have been made more beautiful and happy, and even M. is commencing to say that he sees light ahead and has felt some strange influences come into his heart as he said a prayer, which he promised our friend to say. Now, what is the use in your being pigheaded and saying that there is no God, when you don't know anything about it. I tell you, though, there must be something in this belief or I would not see so many happy spirits around us. (Vol. IV, p. 245)

Later ...
Why, Padgett, I want to tell you that the most fortunate things of my whole existence were my acquaintance with you and the wonderful results that flowed from it...I pray and my faith is becoming stronger all the time. The great proof to me, aside from what I see in the condition of other spirits who claim to have this Love, is my own change in soul happiness and in desire to progress to the higher spheres, which your band tells me exist, and that I may find my home there if I will only pray more to the Father and let my faith enlarge. (Vol. III, pp. 368-369)

I am the Mohammedan who has written you before. I come to tell you that I have made investigation since I last wrote you and find that what you told me about the Divine Love is true, and I have received some of it in my soul and (am) progressing towards the soul spheres, where they tell me more of it can be found and where live those who have received it in greater abundance than I have.

Very few of my people have any conception of the existence of such a love, and, consequently, they are in the spirit spheres where only those who have the natural love live, and they, while in many instances, are good and pure spirits, in this natural love, yet they are not the possessors of that happiness which the Divine Love gives. (Vol. III, p. 209)

-A. G. Riddle
...And then, when I learned that prayer was the only way to this Love, and when I saw you praying for me with all your heart and in great earnestness, I commenced to pray also, but I must confess that my prayers were not accompanied with much faith.

But I continued to pray and every night when you prayed for me and the many others who were with you praying, I tried to exercise all the faith possible, and prayed for more faith. This continued for sometime and one day your grandmother, who is a most wonderful spirit in beauty and goodness, came to me and said that she was your grandmother and was very much interested in me on your account, as well as on my own, and commenced to unfold to me the great efficacy of prayer, and assured me that if I would only try to believe and pray to God to help me believe, He would answer my prayers and I would soon find that with my earnest efforts faith would come to me and with faith would come this Love into my heart and with this Love would come happiness and joy.

So I listened to her and tried to believe that what she told me must be true and that she was interested in me and only desired my happiness. I continued to pray, as I said, and one day after I had received some considerable faith, I met Jesus and he told me of the wonderful things that his Father had prepared for me if I would only believe and ask Him to give me.

Jesus was so very beautiful and loving that I could not resist the influence which came over me and then my faith increased and I prayed with all my heart and soul. At last light came to me and with it such an inflowing of Love as I never dreamed could exist, either on the earth or in the spirit world, but it came to me and I felt as if I was a new spirit and felt such happiness as I never experienced before ...

Let this Love come first, and then the other acquirements will only help to show the spirit that God is a God of Wisdom and Power as well as of Love. But, as you have read, Love is the fulfilling of the law. Nothing else is, and the man who has all knowledge and wisdom without this Love is poor, indeed. (Vol. IV, pp. 307-308)


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