What the Divine Love Has Done for Me


 by Donald L. Rosner

In 1961, I began a serious search for spiritual truth. In what started as positive thinking and belief of the mind, combined with faith of the soul, I came to realize that all of these factors contribute to the spiritual development of an individual.

But it didn't happen in a day. I searched constantly through books about religion and philosophy, and in conversations I had with various individuals who I felt could help me by leading me one step closer to that "something, I knew not what."

It was through finding the volumes entitled True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus that I realized my search had come to an end. For a disillusioned orthodox believer to read Jesus' statements that he is not God and his mother was not (and is not) the "mother of God" or a virgin after her marriage to Joseph, but in truth the mother of eight flesh and blood children of which he was the eldest, and that he did not come to die on a cross, nor did his shed blood bring remission of sins, I knew I had at last found the truth and that my doubts as to orthodox teachings had been justified.

I read the four volumes straight through, and over and over again. In these books, I learned what I hadn't yet found--not only in the way of my mental beliefs but in my very heart and soul. I learned about the Heavenly Father's Divine Love.

A simple revelation was emphasized over and over again in these books: that the Divine Love of the Father can be received by all of His children through sincere, earnest prayer and soul longings for Its inflowing. That the serious seeker of this Love will be rewarded for his or her efforts along these lines and will eventually experience a new birth of soul into the Divine Nature of the Father. Not only that, but when we receive enough of this Love, we will be qualified to enter the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus brought to light on earth.

How can a man be born again when he is old? was the question Nicodemus asked Jesus, and Jesus told him that a man must be born of the Spirit--God's Divine Love, which is carried into man's soul by His Holy Spirit.

Jesus also shatters the time-honored statements found in the New Testament that he instituted a bread and wine sacrament during the last supper, on the eve of his arrest.

These revelations put to rest within me all the questions, the unsolved mystery of the symbolism which had churned inside me for years. My hunger for truth was satisfied. It was here, in these volumes, that I joyfully recognized the end of my search for the "Pearl of Great Price."

We have heard and possibly at some time used the expression, "With God all things are possible." And I believe that most of us will agree to that statement, but have we ever given serious thought as to how this is possible, and the fruition that is brought to hand?

Our Father's Love is all about us but forms no part of us, and comes into our souls by invitation, only. Once the invitation has been accepted and an abundance of this Love has entered our souls, it awaits, as before, the invitation to perform for us, and it is only by prayer and faith that this Divine Love is brought into action. Prayer and faith are like the electric cord that, when plugged in, activates the motor that performs the desired effect.

There are so many passages throughout the volumes of True Gospel urging us to pray and have faith, and I never felt so elated, nor my heart so filled with Love and rejoicing as when I have gathered these passages together. I have felt the influence of the Angels about me, and my heart sang to the import of these statements and to how really priceless they are and how blessed we are to have them made known to us. Just pray for our Father's Divine Love and have faith that He will give it to you. Over and over again: Pray and have faith! No forty days of fasting, no mental gymnastics, no travel to some foreign land, no secret formula, no ritual to perform; just Pray and have faith...faith that this Divine Love is the fulfillment of the soul's true aspirations and desires.

Jesus wrote that the task of those who become his true followers is to make these truths available to all mankind, so that each may choose whether or not to become At-one with the Heavenly Father in the way he taught.

Prayer and soul longings for the Love's coming brought our Father's Divine Love into my soul. This Love developed my soul perceptions, enabling me to understand the Truths found in the volumes of True Gospel. This Divine Love and these Truths, in time, became the substance of my soul and the director of my life.

I would like to explain how this wonderful Love has set the present course of my life, by quoting from some of the messages in the volumes. They were the guiding force that led me to do what I consider the greatest and most important endeavor I have ever undertaken, although the completion of same I may never see.

In Vol. II, on p. 36, Jesus wrote: "If, as you say, he will seek that Divine Love and pray to the Father in faith and believe that the Father will bestow it upon him, he will receive it; and when he receives it in sufficient abundance all sin that he may have committed will be blotted out. No further will he have to pay the penalties of his deeds of sin and error. This is what I came principally to teach mankind."

On p. 295 of Vol. II, Jesus wrote: "The Divine Love is a thing entirely apart from the nature of man, even in its purest state...and when man obtains this Divine Love and it becomes a part of his soul qualities, his nature, as it were, changes, and he becomes a new creature. An additional something has been conferred upon him, and it becomes impossible for him to remain the mere man that he was, and he always would be, except for this change in his nature."

In Vol. I, p. 121, Jesus wrote: "As I said when on earth, 'Narrow is the way and strait is the gate which leads to life everlasting and few there be that enter therein...' "

Elias, Prophet to the Hebrews, in Vol. II, p. 301, wrote: "It is true that there are hells and punishment, and that the majority of men when they become spirits will have to go into such hells and suffer such punishment; ..."

In Vol. I, p. 358, Luke, Apostle of Jesus, wrote: "And I want to say here, that within the spirit there is nothing that has the qualities or powers to start it on a progression, ... only when some influence from without comes to them, can they have an awakening of their dormant better and true natures, so that their progress may commence."

Saleeba, an ancient spirit, who found the Father's Love and progressed into the Celestial Heavens, wrote on p. 78 of Vol. II:

"... for I must tell you that the loving thoughts of a mortal who knows what this Divine Love is, have a wonderful influence on spirits and their advancement in the spirit spheres."

I felt within the very depth of my being that this Love was calling me to help those in darkness to experience Its Greatness and to benefit from Its transforming power to lift them out of suffering and into the ever-increasing Joy of our Father's own Divine Nature. There was a special place in my heart for the lost souls in the lower planes of the spirit world whose existence is continually shattered by darkness and suffering. I knew I had to take up this work, and that it would become the very backbone of my existence on earth.

Jesus, the greatest, yet the most humble of our Father's Divine Angels, encourages us to do this. In Vol. II, on p. 44, he wrote, "Let me tell you right here that when you help a spirit find the way to salvation and God's love, you are doing the greatest work that God has given any of his creatures to do--and when that spirit through your help, finds that way and realizes the truth and receives this love, he is forever your most thankful friend and worker in forwarding the interests of your own spiritual being."

Mr. Padgett, Dr. Stone and Eugene Morgan all gave generously of their time in helping the dark spirits and enabling them to visualize the bright spirits who were present, waiting and anxious to explain and help them find the Father's own Love. In Volumes III and IV of True Gospel, many messages are found from these suffering spirits, before and after receiving His Saving Love.

From Esau, Son of Isaac in Vol. I, p. 281: "I know the difference between the spirit who has in his soul the Divine Love, and one who has not, and that the mere time of a spirit's existence in the spirit world does not necessarily indicate that the spirit possesses the Divine Love. As Jesus said when on earth, 'The first shall be last, and the last shall be first,' and I may add, that some will never be first or last, but only the reminders of what might have been."

With the assistance of our Father's holy Angels, I hope to be the means of making known our Father's Divine Love and the way to the Celestial Heavens to millions of these unfortunate spirits, so that none will become only the reminders of what might have been.

Donald L. Rosner

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