True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, Vol. II

Helen affirming Ann Rollins wrote.
Spirit's experience after writing through Mr. Padgett Obtained the Divine Love and made his progress into the third sphere.
Mrs. Helen Padgett describes the method used to communicate her thoughts through Mr. Padgett.
Jesus giving Mr. Padgett advice as to prayer and worship. Says he has selected Mr. Padgett for the mission to do his work.
Affirming Jesus Wrote-by Ann Rollins.
G. R. Continues his experience in his progress.
On the Love of Man or Natural Love in Contrast to the Divine Love which is necessary to obtain to give man the highest degree of happiness.
Personal Message to Mr. Padgett from Jesus.
Spirit's Experience in Progressing from the Third Sphere Into the Celestial Heavens.
Law of compensation is removed from the scope of its operation when the Divine Love fills the soul in sufficient abundance.

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