True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, Vol. II

Helen--Mrs. Padgett, describes her home in Third Sphere. The importance of seeking for the Divine Love.
The power of love to redeem men from sin and error.
What Jesus meant when he said In my father's house are many mansions. The effect of the Divine Love on the soul to redeem mankind.
Mrs. Padgett (Helen) describes her home in detail in the Celestial Spheres.
Corroborates Mrs. Padgett's experience and tells of the happiness of spirits in the Celestial Spheres.
Mrs. Padgett's experience in Trying to Show a Spirit the way to God's Love.
Assurance that he is Jesus. Refers to a spirit who claims he has lost his soul.
Helen affirming Jesus wrote.
Ann Rollins affirming that Jesus writes through Mr. Padgett, and no imposters.
The result of Mr. Padgett's belief in Jesus writing him.

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