True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, Vol. II

Corroboration Jesus Wrote on Immortality.
Saleeba, ancient spirit of the sixth sphere, seeking through Mr. P. the way to obtain Divine Love.
Many of the Ancient spirits are not in the Celestial Heavens but are in the sixth sphere possessing merely intellectual and moral development.
Saleeba's Progress in obtaining the Divine Love.
Saleeba progressing and soon will be above the third sphere. She knows that Jesus is the true leader of all the spirits who have the Divine Love.
Ancient spirit who was for a long time in the sixth sphere now progressing to the Celestial Spheres.
Jesus Says--Ann Rollins is a very capable spirit in discussing those things which reveal to men the truths of the Father.
Description of the several spheres...
Why men must receive the Divine Love in order to be admitted to the Kingdom of Heaven or Celestial Kingdom.
Mrs. Padgett Affirms That Jesus Wrote.

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